Penetration Bitumen 35/50 - Globally Bitumen

Penetration Bitumen 35/50

General Description

This is a semi-hard grade penetration bitumen. Bitumen 35/50 is made by the distillation of vacuum bottom or vacuum residue feedstock. In general, this product is suitable for road construction, asphalt pavement production and many other applications, which will be fully explained in the “Applications” section.

An item common to all grades of penetration bitumen is the thermoplastic property that causes it to become softer at higher temperatures and harder at lower temperatures. So the state of bitumen depends on temperature. The relationship between temperature and rigidity of bitumen depends on the type of crude oil and its refining method.

Technical Properties : Penetration Bitumen 35/50

Bitumen 35/50 has a penetration degree between 35 and 50 desi-millimeters and softening point between 55 and 63 . Penetration grades are named based on their needle penetration measurement.

Applications : Penetration Bitumen 35/50

It is used for pavements, road construction and road repairments by producing a mixture of asphalt and sealing cracks. Primary use of this grade is combining it with hot asphalt to produce a coating material for the roads.

Packing : Penetration Bitumen 35/50

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