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Gilsonite Industrial Grade

General Description

Have you ever noticed the black writing in the newspapers or magazines you are used to reading? As you read them, you are essentially looking at gilsonite and its benefits. Eco-friendly and highly efficient products that most magazines and newspapers use to create indelible substance for their audience.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, Gilsonite is also economical on a larger scale, because it is the most cost-effective product compared to other additives such as phenolic resins and hydrocarbons.

Paints and Stains : Gilsonite Industrial Grade

PUB-LTD Co. Gilsonite is an amazing paint additive that is high-performance and affordable. It creates a unique paint bond on most materials that need protection from rust. It is used in anti-corrosive paints, underbody paints and pipe coatings. The highest performance of Gilsonite can be observed in wood stains and paints all around the world. Unique properties of Gilsonite provide a binder to protect the wood and pigment that gives a deep and rich color as well. Moreover, properties and performance of gilsonite are not available in any other material in nature all in one.

PUB-LTD Gilsonite in Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) : Gilsonite Industrial Grade

PUB-LTD Co. gilsonite with its unique properties as an asphalt binder and a modifier solvent adresses road construction issues include deformation and problems arising from high temperature. Using gilsonite in pavement products made of recycled asphalt make them more functional. Asphalt binders modified with gilsonite will produce a stronger road construction compared to other methods. Moreover, by using this modified binder, roads can be paved thinner up to 20% compared to other methods. Contact us to learn more about this application. Gilsonite can be added directly into the HMA plant as an aggregate modifier with no additional equipment. Gilsonite provides high-strength, durablility, less thickness, less temperature sensitivity, high-performance and water-resistance, and preserves the roads better because of its unique properties like bonding property. Also, it has more benefits like special performance against deformation and high resistance to water adsorption. Due to these properties, gilsonite makes pavements and roads stronger and provides longer life for them.

PUB-LTD Gilsonite as a Pavement Sealer : Gilsonite Industrial Grade

The unique and amazing properties of gilsonite cause dry solvent-based and emulsion sealers quicker than common materials. Gilsonite, due to its inherent antioxidant properties, helps to preserve the color of payments for a longer period. Moreover, its unique molecular structure and potent bonding properties help revitalize waterproof pavements and sealers. Pavements for a longer lifetime are more environmentally friendly. Making roads using recycled asphalt reduces extra cost and energy. Contact us for more information.

Gilsonit in Foundry : Gilsonite Industrial Grade

PUB-LTD gilsonite is useful for complex and high-value iron coatings more than any carbon additive. Gilsonite or natural bitumen provides a better finish and fewer undesired features because of its unique and natural properties.