Light Slack Wax - Globally Bitumen

Light Slack Wax

General Description

Slack Wax Light Grade is lighter than heavy slack wax , melting point is about 57 oC which can be an advantage of this grade of slack wax. We pack Slack Wax in drum or bag considering the weather situation of the country that we send. Slack wax light grade is a mixture of Paraffin wax and oil. Application of Light Grade Slack Wax 10% oil content

We mostly use Slack wax light grade 10% oil to produce different grades of Paraffin wax by two processes: decolorizing and de-oiling. Also use Slack wax 10% oil content light grade to produce matches. In addition Slack waxes with oil content below 10% usage is for manufacturing of religious candles Slack wax is the crude wax produced by chilling and solvent filter-pressing wax distillate. There are basically three types of slack wax produced. The type depending on the viscosity of the lube oil being de-waxed: low neutral, medium neutral, and heavy neutral.

Packing Of : Light Slack Wax

Packing Slack wax light grade 10% oil content is new or second hand 175 kg drums, ISO tank or flexi tanks. In addition in each 20 foot container 80 drums of slack wax we can load.