Polymer Bitumen

Polymer Bitumen for pavements designed and constructed for heavy duty traffic and extreme weather conditions require specially designed and engineered bitumen grades.

However, by changing the characteristics of normal bitumen with the addition of a polymer, either they are of elastomeric nature or elastomeric. Meanwhile we succeed to obtain bitumen that allow the mixture to be more cohesive. With much more strength and significant higher resistance to parameters like fatigue and permanent deformations for road pavements.

Typical Viscosity of Binder overlooking temperature

PMB’s qualities:

•          Greater Rigidity

•          Better resistance to permanent deformation

•          Higher Resistance to spreading cracks

•          Greater water resistance

•          Much higher durability

Producing a Sealing for Roadways

For producing a sealing for roadways, for example, on roads carrying a heavy traffic load like the bridges, a base course and a top course or wearing course is applied subsequently. First, the roadway is primed and if it is convenient, coated with quartz sand. Also a spray elastomer coating is sprayed on made of an adhesive primer like the epoxy resin. Then an emulsion is applied on the plastic granules.

Water Resistant Surface Coating

For the preparation of a water resistant surface coating on a substrate, a layer of an aqueous emulsion is applied. This emulsion consists of 5-55% acrylic prepolymer, 1-15% air-drying alkyd resin, 40-80% bitumen and optionally up to 5% additives by the weight of dry matter.

Coating Articles

In order to coat articles, a primer layer is applied to a base sheet material. While the primer layer is still wet, a layer of a barrier material that has a consistency composition and thickness is applied to the bitumen.

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