Cutback Bitumen MC30 dissolves bitumen in kerosene or other volatiles to reduce its viscosity. These solvents are added to the base bitumen as a shear agent. Hence, this mixture is called Cutback Bitumen.

The Bitumen with low viscosity is more suitable to use in pavements as a sealing agent and for road constructions. After a period of time, the volatile will be vaporized and get negligible components in the operation.

Moreover, MC30 is a combination of Bitumen 80/100 (up to 52%) and some solvents like Kerosene (up to 48%). For more information, please contact us.



Cutback Bitumen MC30 is used in road coating operations as a primer. By playing this activity and because of its low viscosity it will coat and seal aggregates on the surface by spraying. Also, it has a waterproofing property to resist the final surface from water. Furthermore, its main usage is in cold mix asphalt, bituminous paints, and coatings.



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