Cutback Bitumen MC70 is a more common grade all around the world. This good is a mixture of Bitumen and Kerosene (or other medium volatiles). MC70 is categorized as Medium Curing Bitumen which has a viscosity between 70 and 140 cSt.

It is used in Moderate Climates as a prime coating. By using this grade in the semifinal layer of roads it will be waterproof and sealed. Forasmuch as MC70 is categorized in the Medium Curing Category it needs an average time to set that equals 48 Hours.



Bitumen MC70 is used to bind sands and aggregates on non-asphalted roads to compact them and dust resistant. Moreover, it is used as a primer coating road to adjust aggregates on the other previous asphalt layers. Furthermore, it can be used in cold and moderate climates.

It should be mentioned that because MC grades are including hazardous volatile, they have no permission to use in some countries.



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