Oxidized Bitumen 75/35 (or Blown Bitumen 75/35) is in semi-solid grades of this order. PUB – LTD Oxidized Bitumen R75 35 achieved by Penetration Bitumen 60/70 aeration at high temperature, without catalyst. This procedure leads to an advanced Penetration indicator (PI). Also, its stability during heating is veritably good. Soft Bitumen aeration under controlled conditions and temperature gives rubberier parcels to produced Bitumen, Oxidized Bitumen, rather than Penetration Bitumen.

Specialized Properties

Oxidized Bitumen R75 35 (or Blown Bitumen 75/35) has a Softening point of 70 to 80 ℃ and needle penetration in the range of 30 to 40 desi- millimeter. All tests are grounded on the ASTM system; for case, penetration and softening point tests are done by ASTM D5 and ASTM D36, independently. To read further about this product, please relate to Test Data distance (TDS) section.


Oxidized Bitumen 75/35 (or Blown Bitumen 75/35 or R75/35) manufactured by PUB- LTDCO. Is used in multitudinous artificial operations and operations. It has rubber property further than former grades; because of its particular property in oxidization procedure. It’s used in the product of especial maquillages, civil workshop, construction, road construction, roofing, facing, flooring, as anti-slip subcaste factors, electrical operations, undercarriage sealant in the buses and machine assiduity, in the pilling assiduity, string coating, cloth, oil painting and gas channels coating, crack sealing, road form operations, pulp papers, bituminous products, common stuffing emulsion, waterproofing, hydraulic operations, dust proofing, lacquers, varnishes, pavements, energy combination, and paving.

likewise, it’s used as raw material for glue, sequestration, insulation bitumen membrane distance, chemical, especial bitumen- grounded maquillages and colors to cover essence structures from erosion and operations, sound- reducing agent, Portland cement pavements, as a base for synthetic turf, producing rubber and plastic product.

Running/ Storehouse

In utmost final uses, Bitumen heating is a critical phase. Heat control is veritably important, and good heat controlling leads to making a high- quality product. Also, Oxidized Bitumen product needs a large face that these large shells must be used to give good heat transfer across pure bitumen and boiler. The outside and safe heat position is 230 ℃.

Also, melted Bitumen shouldn’t be left in the boiler to cool and toast again because this matter leads to waste energy and product quality missing. Temperature control bias must be installed all the way to help similar events from being.

Health/ Safety

All workers related to Oxidized Bitumen shops must wear masks (especial defensive masks), gloves, and safety spectacles during the procedure. For further information, please relate to MSDS.


25Kg Kraft Bag, 25Kg Polyamide Bag, Carton, Drum, and Bulk.

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